WSTC Office Closure Dates

The impacts of COVID-19 has resulted in significant reductions in state revenues. To mitigate this impact, the Governor has ordered state employees to take several furlough days in 2020 to reduce state spending. Starting June 29, state employees are required to take one furlough day each week through July 25th, and then take one furlough day per month from August – November, 2020. On furlough days, neither WSTC staff nor Commissioners will be able to respond to any inquiries or communications. Accordingly, the WSTC offices will be closed due to furlough requirements on the following dates:


  • Thursday, July 2nd
  • Friday, July 10th
  • Friday, July 17th
  • Friday, July 24th

August through November:

  • Friday, August 7th
  • Friday, September 4th
  • Friday, October 2nd
  • Wednesday, November 25th