2013 Voice of Washington Statewide Survey Panel

The Voice of Washington State (VOWS) survey panel was established in 2011 and as of October 2013, has grown to over 40,000 members statewide. It is comprised of people from all over the state who want to share their views and preferences on all things transportation. You can join the survey panel anytime by signing up on the VOWS Page. All surveys are emailed to panel members and are done online. They occur periodically throughout the year and vary in length and topic. All results from the surveys are sent to the Governor and Legislature for their consideration and review.

The Transportation Commission has completed the 2013 Statewide Transportation Survey of Washington State Citizens.

The 2013 Legislature directed the Transportation Commission to continue its work on the Statewide Survey Panel and to provide the Governor and Legislature with data about the opinions, preferences and priorities of citizens on transportation policy and funding. Below are the links to the full report and supporting information.

2013 Statewide Transportation Survey Report and Findings (pdf 2 mb)
This document contains the full written report with key findings and detailed information about each question.

Summary Presentation (pdf 3 mb)
This document provides a summary of the key results including breakdowns by RTPO.

Topline Results (pdf 503 kb)
This document contains the survey questionnaire with the overall statewide results.

RTPO Crosstabs (pdf 852 kb)
This document contains detailed data tables by RTPO/MPO, showing the results of each survey question.

Full Crosstabs (pdf 891 kb)
This document contains detailed data tables showing the results of each survey question by demographic subgroups like age, gender, income and by other key variables.


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