I-405 Independent Eastside Corridor Traffic & Revenue Study

Final Report Available

The I-405 Independent Traffic and Revenue Study conducted by Cambridge Systematics was submitted and presented to the Transportation Commission at their meeting in Tacoma in November 2012. The presentation below was given and provides a summary of the study and the findings.

Cambridge Systematics presentation on I-405 Independent Traffic & Revenue Study (pdf 5 mb)

You can access the complete final report on the I-405 Independent Traffic & Revenue Study below:

I-405 Independent Eastside Corridor Traffic & Revenue Study (pdf 4 mb)

Appendix materials are included on a CD in the hard copy form of the final report. If you would like a copy of the CD please contact the Commission office at 360-705-7070.

The 2011 Legislature passed EHB 1382 (pdf 50 kb) directing the Transportation Commission to retain independent experts to conduct a traffic and revenue analysis for the development of a 40-mile continuous express toll lane system that includes SR- 167 and I-405. The study will be completed and submitted to the Legislature and the Joint Transportation Committee in July 2012. The study’s analysis must include a review of the following variables within the express toll lane system:

  • Vehicles with two or more occupants are exempt from payment
  • Vehicles with three or more occupants are exempt from payment
  • A variable fee
  • A flat rate fee

The questions to be answered in this study are:

  • Are the express toll lanes a workable solution in the I-405/SR-167 corridor?
  • What range of revenue will the express toll lane system generate?
  • How will express toll lanes impact traffic operations in the corridor?

The following presentation was given to the Joint Transportation Committee at their meeting in Seattle on July 13, 2011. The presentation was given by Cambridge Systematics which is the firm the Commission hired to conduct the independent, expert analysis.

Overview of Eastside Corridor Independent Traffic and Revenue Study (pdf 2 mb)