2008 Ferry Customer Survey

Ferry Customer Survey Information

Final Report and Executive Summary (pdf 2 mb)

Technical Papers

If you’d like to receive this information including the survey data/
banner tabulations on a CD, please contact the Commission office at

The presentation below was given to the Commission on November 18th at their meeting in Olympia. The presentation summarizes the key findings of the year-long survey and research effort.

Final Survey Report Presentation (pdf 735 kb)

This presentation provides a general, systemwide look at the findings from the March and July 2008 on-board surveys. This presentation was given to the Joint Transportation Committee on September 10th and to the Commission at their local meetings in Bremerton on September 16th and Friday Harbor on September 18th, 2008.

Initial System-wide findings of March and July Ferry User Surveys (pdf 2 mb)

The presentation below was given to the Commission at their May 21, 2008 meeting in Olympia. It provides a system-wide overview of the preliminary findings of the first wave of on-board surveying that took place in March 2008.

Preliminary Findings of March Survey (pdf 880 kb)

Below is an update on the survey effort as of early May. A listing of key tasks to be completed is also provided.

May ferry survey update

For a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers related to the survey, please refer to the link below. This FAQ will be periodically updated as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 24 kb)

This presentation was given to the Commission at their January 22, 2008 meeting in Olympia. This report outlines the findings of the qualitative research portion of the ferry user survey effort. This portion of the research was comprised of nine focus groups held throughout the ferry system and was designed to inform the development of the on-board survey questionnaire.

Findings of Focus Group Effort (pdf 168 kb)

The following is the full, final report on the focus group portion of this research project. This report provides an overview of the process and presents the findings of this effort.

Focus Group Summary Report (pdf 349 kb)

The following presentation was given to the Commission at their meeting on November 13, 2007 by the consultant doing the survey work, Opinion Research Northwest. The presentation served as the official kickoff of the survey effort that is now underway. In this presentation, you will find information about the survey’s overall purpose and desired outcome, the survey work plan and project timeline, and an overview of the process that will be followed in completing both the qualitative and quantitative work to be performed over the next year.

Ferry Customer Survey Kickoff Presentation (pdf 262 kb)


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