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Commission Annual Reports

Autonomous Vehicle Work Group

The Washington State Legislature directed the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) in 2018, to conduct an exploration and provide annual recommendations aimed at preparing for the operation of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on our public roads. Through 2023, a diverse Work Group Executive Committee and seven Subcommittees worked to develop recommendations to prepare for this advancing technology. The annual reports and the final “Roadmap to the Future” are provided below.

2018 AV Work Group Annual Report  (pdf 1mb)
2019 AV Work Group Annual Report  (pdf 8mb)
2020 AV Work Group Annual Report  (pdf 1.9mb)
2021 AV Work Group Annual Report  (pdf 1.1mb)
2022 AV Work Group Annual Report (pdf 1.3mb)
2023 AV Work Group Annual Report  (pdf 8.6mb)
2024 Roadmap to the Future  (pdf 1.5mb)

Road Usage Charge Assessment

In 2012, the Legislature directed the Transportation Commission, in close cooperation with WSDOT and with guidance from a multi-stakeholder steering committee, to conduct an assessment of Road Usage Charging and determine if it is feasible. Road Usage Charging (RUC) is the notion of charging users of the road system a per mile charge, as opposed to our current system in which we pay for our roads via a gas tax that is assessed on a per gallon basis at the time we purchase our fuel.

Annual Tolling Reports

Other Tolling Reports and Studies

Advanced Transportation Technologies Study

The Advanced Transportation Technologies Study will take place from Fall 2023 through Summer 2024 to assess and recommend technology approaches that increase safety and compliance with tolling and HOV lane usage, and in construction zones.

Washington Transportation Plan

Route Jurisdiction Study

The Route Jurisdiction Study will be active from the fall of 2023 through July of 2025.

Commission Revenue Proposals


Ferry Riders Opinion Group (FROG)

Public Private Partnerships

2010 Regional Priority Projects

Information on the Commission’s regional priority projects effort.

Ferry Studies

Rail Study

Northwest Transportation Summit

Voice of Washington State (VOWS) Survey Panel

The VOWS survey panel is no longer active due to funding cuts.  Below are the results of surveys conducted of the panel between 2011-2017: