SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll Rates and Policies

TNB Rate Setting

State law requires the Transportation Commission to set toll rates on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (TNB) sufficient to meet maintenance and operational costs, insurance costs, and principal and interest payments on the debt.

In order to meet the requirements in state law, TNB toll rates and policies are reviewed for possible adjustment on an annual basis. More information about TNB tolling, including how to pay tolls and the TNB Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is available on the Washington State Department of Transportation’s TNB tolling webpage.

To support its rate setting, the Transportation Commission has a TNB Toll Setting Policy 2018 (pdf 107 kb) which guides the Commission’s decisions about future toll rates.

Current Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll Rates

Toll rates on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge are fixed and do not vary by time of day or day of week. Adopted rates can be found in WAC 468-270-070. Toll rates in the table below took effect on October 1, 2022.

Vehicle Axles Good To Go! Pass 1 Cash 1 Pay By Mail 1 Pay By Plate 2
2 $4.50 $5.50 $6.50 $4.75
3 $6.75 $8.25 $9.75 $7.00
4 $9.00 $11.00 $13.00 $9.25
5 $11.25 $13.75 $16.25 $11.50
6 $13.50 $16.50 $19.50 $13.75


  1. The rate has been rounded to the nearest five cents, as needed.
  2. For this type of payment method, the customer is charged the Good to Go! Pass toll rate plus a $0.25 fee as provided in WAC 468-270-300.