SR 167 High Occupancy Toll Lanes

On May 3, 2008, the first HOT lanes (high occupancy toll lanes) opened in Washington on SR 167, giving solo drivers a new option for driving on this often congested highway. Solo drivers may now pay an electronic toll to drive in the HOT lane, enjoying the stress-free, reliable trip the carpool lane offers.

The HOT lane runs in each direction of SR 167 for nine miles between Auburn and Renton. Toll rates are based on a variable tolling system, increasing and decreasing with the level of congestion on the highway to ensure that traffic in the HOT lane always flows freely and carpools enjoy the same fast and reliable trip they have previously experienced in the HOV lanes.

Current Rates – SR 167 HOT Lanes

Toll Rate Range: .50 cents – $9.00

The rate will vary and change in real time based upon the speed of vehicles moving through the lane. If it’s free flowing the minimum charge will apply. If it is slowing down the rate will increase with the amount of congestion.

The amount being charged for using the HOT lane is displayed on the overhead electronic signs. The amount shown is a one-time charge for traveling in the HOT lane, no matter how far you travel in it.