I-405 & SR 167 Express Toll Lanes Toll Rates & Policies

The I-405 Express toll lanes (ETL) opened mid- 2015. The toll rate varies and changes in real time based upon the speed of vehicles moving through the lanes. If it’s free flowing maintaining an average speed of 45 miles per hour the minimum charge will apply. If it’s slowing down the rate will increase with the amount of congestion.

The amount being charged for using the ETL will be displayed on the overhead electronic signs. The amount shown on the sign is what you will pay when you enter the lane, even if the toll rate goes up or down after that time. Rates displayed on the sign will be by destination/exit. More information on the I-405 Corridor Program.

Attention: Changes Made To I-405 Express Toll Lanes

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, the Transportation Commission voted to permanently adopt the modified hours of operation for the I-405 Express Toll Lanes (ETL) which were originally approved in March 2016 on a temporary basis. The ETL’s are now toll free and open to all vehicles week nights from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. and weekends. Information on how to use the Express Toll Lanes can be found here.

The final regulatory changes approved by the Transportation Commission on July 19, 2016 can be viewed here (kb 90 kb).

How will Tolling work?

  • Good To Go! toll rates will range from a minimum of 75 cents to a maximum of $10. It is estimated that the typical toll will range from 75 cents to $4.
  • Carpools with three or more people will be exempt from paying a toll at all times, and carpools with two people will be exempt, except during weekday peak hours (5 – 9 a.m. and 3 – 7 p.m.). Motorcycles, transit vehicles, and vanpools will also be exempt.
  • To use the express toll lanes free, drivers must meet the occupancy requirements, have a Good To Go! account and have a Flex Pass.
  • Drivers without a Good To Go! account can also use the express toll lanes and will receive a bill in the mail for their trip. Drivers who chose this option will pay $2 above the posted Good To Go! rate in effect at the time of the trip.

What are the benefits of express toll lanes on I-405?

  • Travel time reliability: Proves the choice for a reliable trip which does not exist for drivers in the corridor today.
  • Reduces traffic congestion: Express toll lanes improve mobility for everyone in the corridor including transit, freight, and drivers in the regular lanes.
  • Reliably manages congestion in real time: Toll rates adjust based on real-time traffic conditions to maintain an average speed of at least 45 mph in the express toll lanes.
  • Helps fund future congestion relief: Express toll lanes will provide funding towards future I-405 corridor improvements.

2+ HOV or 3+ HOV: It’s all about making I-405 move. Read more here (pdf 320kb)