I-5 Bridge Over the Columbia River

The State Legislature authorized the I-5 Bridge over the Columbia River as an eligible toll facility in 2023.  The Transportation Commission, as the state’s Toll Authority, was further authorized to enter into a bi-state agreement with the Oregon Transportation Commission and proceed with a cooperative and mutual joint process for setting toll rates and policies for the river crossing.

The two Commissions have begun their collaborative work to determine the toll rates and policies for the I-5 Bridge over the Columbia River and this page will provide ongoing information on the process as it advances.  

Construction of the new bridge is scheduled to begin by early 2026 and tolling on the existing bridge is expected to begin in Spring 2026. Tolling is expected to provide traffic management and vital funding for the project, as well as cover ongoing operations and maintenance costs for the bridge and for tolling operations.

Bi-State Tolling Subcommittee

Each Commission has appointed two Commissioners to serve on the Bi-State Tolling Subcommittee.

  • Commissioner Jim Restucci, WSTC Vice-Chair
  • Commissioner Roy Jennings, WSTC Member
  • Commissioner Lee Beyer, OTC Vice-Chair
  • Commissioner Alicia Chapman, OTC Member

The Subcommittee will focus on assessing toll rate and policy options, and will make recommendations to the full memberships of the Washington and Oregon Transportation Commissions for their consideration and action.

The Subcommittee’s responsibilities include:

  • Recommend toll rates and policies for consideration and approval by each State’s full Commission.
  • Recommend modifications to toll rates and policies whenever such additional action is required by each State’s full Commission.
  • Recommend modifications to toll rates and policies whenever such additional action is required by the terms of the toll Bond Covenants or the laws of either State.

The Subcommittee adopted Operating Procedures in March 2024 to guide their work and policy considerations.

Bi-State Tolling Subcommittee Meeting Dates:

Meetings of the tolling subcommittee are public and materials for each meeting will be posted before each meeting, along with virtual meeting information.

Subcommittee meetings are scheduled on the following dates and begin at 1 p.m. unless otherwise noted:

February 23
Agenda (pdf 152kb)
Presentation (pdf 889kb)
Meeting Summary (pdf 201kb)
TVW Meeting Recording

March 15
Agenda  (pdf 94kb)
Presentation (pdf 558kb)
Bi-state Tolling Subcommittee – Public comments received  (pdf 75kb)
Meeting Summary (pdf 250kb)
TVW Meeting Recording

April 19
Agenda (pdf 154kbkb)
Presentation (pdf 2mb)
Meeting Summary (pdf 203kb)
TVW Meeting Recording

May 23
Agenda and Meeting Location (pdf 135kb)
Presentation  (pdf 1mb)
Meeting Summary  (pdf 97kb)
TVW Meeting Recording

June 21
Agenda  (pdf 160kb)
Presentation  (pdf 946kb)
TVW Meeting Recording

July 19 – Virtual Meeting – Zoom Registration
Agenda  (pdf 93kb)

August 16

September 20

October 1 – Time TBD, Hybrid Meeting (In-person/Zoom)
Joint Meeting of the Washington State and Oregon Transportation Commissions.

October 18

November 15

December 20