2024 I-405-SR 167 Toll Rate Setting


The Commission has begun its process for adjusting minimum and maximum toll rates for the I-405 Express Toll Lanes (ETLs) and SR 167 Hight Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes. This page provides information on why toll rates need to be adjusted, the process for doing so, and what the proposed changes will be.

Additional information will be added throughout the rate adjustment process, so please check back for more details in the coming weeks.

Current Requirements

Under current state law (RCW 47.56.880) the Commission is required to periodically review the I-405 ETLs / SR 167 HOT Lanes toll rates against traffic performance of all lanes to determine if the toll rates are effectively maintaining travel time, speed, and reliability. The performance goal set in law is to maintain speeds of 45 mph 90 percent of the time during peak hours in the ETLs. Additional performance measures include support for transit ridership and general purpose lane performance.

Toll revenues from the facilities are dedicated to the I-405 / SR 167 corridor and may only be used to pay for the facilities’ operating costs, debt service, and to fund projects identified in the corridor’s master plan (RCW 47.56.880 & RCW 47.56.820.)

Situation Assessment

  • The I-405 and SR 167 corridors are experiencing increased congestion in both the general purpose and ETLs, resulting in failure to meet the current state performance requirement to maintain speeds of 45 mph 90% of the time in the ETLs during peak hours.
  • Population in the corridor has increased significantly, further contributing to congestion and the demands being placed on the current capacity of the corridor.
  • Bids for currently planned improvement projects in the corridor came in significantly over cost estimates and planned funding, requiring additional toll revenues to contribute to their costs.
  • Toll rates have not been adjusted on either facility since they were originally set: over 15 years ago on SR 167, and over 8 years ago on I-405.

Rate Adjustment Process

The Commission will be following a two-phased approach to adjusting toll rates and toll policies for the entire I-405/ SR 167 corridor, over the next year as follows:

  • Phase 1 (November 2023 – March 2024): Adjust toll rates for the current I-405 ETLs and SR 167 HOT Lanes (see below for more details on this phase.)
  • Phase 2 (Mid-2024 – Early 2025): Review current toll policies and consider adjustments in advance of the opening of the new Bellevue to Renton ETLs in the summer of 2025, along with upgrading toll equipment on SR 167.

Phase 1 Toll Rate Options Under Consideration




Current Minimum/Maximum Rates

Option 1

Proposed Minimum/Maximum Rates

Option 2

Proposed Minimum/Maximum Rates

SR 167 HOT Lanes $0.50 / $9.00

$1.00 / $15.00

$1.00 / $12.00

I-405 ETLs $0.75 / $10.00

$1.00 / $15.00

$1.00 / $12.00

Phase 1 Process & Schedule

  • November 13 Special Meeting: Receive preliminary analysis on toll rate adjustment options and take public comment.
  • December 13 Commission Meeting: Receive final analysis on toll rate adjustment and select the toll rate proposal for further public input.
  • January 17/18 Commission Meeting: Take public comment on the proposed toll rate changes.
  • Late January/ Early February (Date TBD): Hold final hearing to adopt toll rate changes.
  • Late February/ Mid-March (Date TBD): New toll rates implemented.

Ways to Comment

Public input can be provided via the following channels:

Phase 2 Overview

Following the conclusion of Phase 1 rate setting, the Commission will begin its Phase 2 assessment of toll policies for the I-405/ SR 167 ETL corridor. The Commission will assess current toll rates and toll rate policies and determine what changes are needed to create one set of rules for the entire corridor which will eventually be 50 miles of ETLs.

Toll policies to be assessed will include, but are not limited to:

  • HOV policies
  • Hours of tolling operation – i.e. time of day
  • Tolling on weekends
  • Duration of peak periods
  • Pay by mail rate