2022 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Rate Reduction

The Washington State Legislature passed legislation (SB 5488) in 2022 that provided funding and directed the Washington State Transportation Commission to adjust toll rates on the Tacoma Narrow Bridge (TNB). Based upon this direction and the funding amount provided, the Commission plans to reduce TNB toll rates by October 1, 2022.

What Are The Rate Reduction Options?

The Commission is considering three different toll rate reduction options:

  • Option 1:  Flat 75 cent toll rate reduction for only 2-axle vehicles
  • Option 2:  Flat 75 cent toll rate reduction for all vehicles
  • Option 3:  Flat 75 cent toll rate reduction for 2-axle vehicles, with a per axle multiplier applied for vehicles with 3+ axles (per current practice)

What Is The Schedule Moving Forward?

The schedule for carrying out this toll rate change is outlined below:

  • June: Gather public input on the three options
  • July Commission Meeting (July 19-20):  Review public input & updated financial analysis; select toll rate reduction proposal for further public review and comment
  • Late August (Date TBD): Final Public Hearing on toll rate reduction proposal
  • October 1:  New toll rates take effect

Submit Comments:

  • Vote Online through June 30: Visit our online forum and vote on the three options above and provide comments.
  • Online: Provide feedback via our online comment form 
  • Email: Send your comments to transc@wstc.wa.gov
  • Phone: Call the Commission at:  360-705-7070
  • Testify: Provide your comments during the Commission’s virtual public hearing in late August (date TBD)