Route Jurisdiction Transfer Program

The Transportation Commission receives and reviews petitions from cities, counties, or the Department of Transportation requesting any addition or deletion from the state highway system.  The Transportation Commission manages the request and provides a complete evaluation and assessment of the request.  Once a thorough evaluation is completed, the Transportation Commission provides its final findings of recommendation to the Senate and House Transportation Committees prior to a legislative session.  The Legislature will codify jurisdictional transfers if it accepts the Transportation Commission’s recommendation.  Jurisdictional Transfers RCW 47.01.425

Chapter 468-710 WAC – Route Jurisdiction transfer rules, regulations and requirements

468-710-010 Purpose and authority

468-710-020 Definitions

468-710-030 Criteria for rural and urban highway routes

468-710-040 Requesting a route jurisdiction transfer

468-710-050 Annual cutoff date for jurisdiction transfer requests

468-710-060 Additional public testimony for consideration of jurisdiction transfer requests

68-710-070 Review and comment period

68-710-080 Notice and report of final finding

Approved Route Jurisdiction Transfers

2009: State Route 908

2010: State Route 527