Public Private Partnerships Program

The Commission is statutorily required to oversee certain aspects of the WSDOT Innovative Partnerships Program including:  approving and reviewing contracts, adopting rules to implement and govern the program, solicit concepts or proposals for eligible projects, and select potential projects based on the proposals received.

Administrative Rules and Regulations

In 2007, the Commission adopted the Final Administrative Rules and Regulations (pdf 79 kb) governing the PPP Program.

Studies and Reports

The 2010 Transportation Budget (ESSB 6381) (pdf 1 mb) contained a proviso directing the Commission to conduct a study as follows: “(7) The Commission shall work with the department of transportation’s economic partnerships (Program K) in conducting a best practices of non toll, public-private partnerships.  The purpose of this review is to identify the policies and procedures that would be appropriate for recommendations, including draft legislation if warranted, to the house of representatives and senate transportation committees by January 2011.”

The Commission approved a work plan 2010 Alternative Public-Private Partnerships Assessment (pdf 293 kb) for this study at its May 2010 meeting.

At its January 2011 meeting the Commission adopted the Best Practices of Washington State Public Private Partnership Programs and Laws for Non-Toll Facility Projects Report (pdf 13 mb).

A report was submitted to the 2007 Legislature on the Transportation Innovative Partnerships Program (pdf 5 mb) and presents recommendations on possible law changes to the Transportation Innovative Partnerships Act of 2005.  The report raises policy issues related to current law and provides a status report on the program’s administrative rules.

General Information

The Innovative Partnerships Program at WSDOT has launched the West Coast Green Highway web page to highlight public/private partnership activities aimed at advancing the use of alternative fuel and electric vehicles along the I-5 Corridor in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California.

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