Ferry and Highway Naming

The Transportation Commission is responsible for naming transportation facilities including, but not limited to: State highways; state highway bridges, structures, and facilities; state rest areas; and state roadside facilities, such as viewpoints Naming and Renaming State Transportation Facilities RCW 47.01.420

Facility Naming Policies

Commission Facility Naming Policy (pdf 119kb) on naming highways, bridges, and ferry terminals.

Ferry Naming

The Commission has a Ferry Naming Policy and Process (pdf 94 kb) for naming ferries.
If you have questions, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (pdf 123 kb) which provides answers to many commonly asked questions.

Review Historic information on prior ferry naming proposals:

2021 Naming Decisions

  •  Resolution No. 744 (pdf 15kb)
    Names the Amtrak Cascades Station the “Tacoma Dome Station.”
  • Resolution No. 743 (pdf 16kb)
    Names the state’s first hybrid-electric ferry, an Olympic Class 144-car vessel the  “Wishkah.”
  • Resolution No. 742 (pdf 14kb)
    Designates State Route 165 the “Carbon Glacier Highway.”

2020 Naming Decisions

  • Resolution No. 741 (pdf 15kb)
    Designates State Route 902 the “Gold Star Memorial Highway.”
  • Resolution No. 740 (pdf 37kb)
    Designates the section of State Route 20 from milepost 52 to milepost 59, the “WSP Trooper Thomas Hendrickson Memorial Highway.”
  • Resolution No. 739 (pdf 37 kb)
    Designates the section of State Route 20 from milepost 90 to milepost 105, the “Skagit County Sheriffs’ Office Deputy Alan Hultgren Memorial Highway.”
  • Resolution No. 738  (pdf 16 kb)
    Naming US Highway 97 from the Oregon border at milepost 0 to milepost 33.5 the “World War  II Veterans Memorial Highway.”

2019 Naming Decisions

  • Resolution No. 737 (pdf 37kb)
    Naming the Skookumchuck River Bridge, from milepost 4 to milepost 5, on State Route 507 “Petty Officer 1st Class Regina R. Clark Memorial Bridge.”
  • Resolution No. 736 (pdf 96 kb)
    Naming a portion of State Route 530 “Oso Slide Memorial Highway” from milepost 22 to milepost 45.

2018 Naming Decisions

  • Resolution No. 735 (pdf 95 kb)
    U.S. Highway 395 from the border with Canada to the border with Oregon designated as the “Thomas S. “Tom” Foley Memorial Highway.”

2017 Naming Decisions

  • Resolution No. 734 (pdf 118 kb)
    Designating the section of State Route 27 from milepost 82 south to milepost 68.9 the, “Sam Strahan Memorial Highway.”
  • Resolution No. 733 (pdf 221 kb)
    Designating the section of State Route 507 from milepost 22 to milepost 24 the “Sgt. Justin D. Norton Highway.”

2016 Naming Decisions

  • Resolution No. 730 (pdf 83 kb)
    Naming Interstate 5 from milepost 116 (Mounts Road exit), to milepost 125 (McChord exit) the “Boulevard of Remembrance.”
  • Resolution No. 728 (pdf 108 kb)
    Naming State Route 509 in Pierce County between the junction with Pacific Avenue and Taylor Way in the City of Tacoma the “Philip Martin Lelli Memorial Highway.”
  • Resolution No. 727 (pdf 100 kb)
    Naming State Route 99 the “William P. Stewart Memorial Highway.”
  • Resolution No. 726 (pdf 62 kb)
    Naming the fourth Olympic Class 144-car ferry the “Suquamish”
  • Resolution No. 725 (pdf 79 kb)
    Designating SR 16 between milepost 18 and milepost 28 the “WSP Trooper Tony Radulescu Memorial Highway.”

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