Transportation Commission to hold virtual meeting in Ocean Shores

Transportation Commission Office – PO Box 47308 – Olympia, WA 98504-7308 – 360-705-7070

Contact: Reema Griffith, WSTC executive director, 360-705-7070 (Olympia)

Focus will be on regional transportation issues

OLYMPIA – Community leaders and local officials from the Ocean Shores and Grays Harbor area will meet virtually with the Washington State Transportation Commission next week to discuss transportation issues and challenges being faced in the region.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 16, from 1 to 5 p.m., and reconvene on Wednesday, Nov. 17, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Due to limitations on the size of gatherings in response to COVID-19, this meeting will be conducted virtually using Zoom Webinar. People interested in attending can register on the commission’s website. The meeting will be broadcast live on TVW at

On Tuesday, the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Planning Organization will brief the commission on the region’s transportation challenges and needs. The Grays Harbor Transportation Authority will present on its COVID-19 response and contingency planning for disasters. Representatives of Grays Harbor County will brief the commission on the strategies being used to address the county’s challenges, such as erosion impacting roads and bridges. City of Ocean Shores staff will brief the commission on the effects of population growth and climate change to the local transportation system.

Tuesday’s meeting will end with an overview on transportation and economic development. The commission will learn from Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. about how increasing coastal tourism has affected economic growth and the development of the area’s transportation system.

On Wednesday, the commission will learn about the Port of Grays Harbor’s capacity, traffic, and efforts to improve access to and from the port. The Quinault Indian Nation will then brief the commission about its road program, issues that it is facing, and the effects of climate change on its road system.

The commission will also hear from a multijurisdictional panel on the importance of State Route 109 and SR 115 as the main access point to the area, and the challenges they face due to weather and landslides. The City of Aberdeen will brief the commission on a project to separate the rail from the road to address traffic and safety concerns and improve the movement of freight from the Port of Grays Harbor.

Public comment will be taken at 12:05 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 17. People wishing to speak can sign up during the meeting by posting their name in the Q&A box that can be found on-screen. Written comments can also be submitted via email at:

For more information about the commission and a complete meeting agenda, visit:

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