WSTC adopts ferry fare changes effective Oct. 1

Transportation Commission Office – PO Box 47308 – Olympia, WA 98504-7308 – 360-705-7070

Contact: Reema Griffith, WSTC executive director, 360-705-7070 (Olympia)

Fares will increase by 2.5% in both 2021 and 2022

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Transportation Commission approved a 2.5 percent across-the-board ferry fare increase during a hearing today, Tuesday, Aug. 10.

The new ferry fare rates will be applied to both passenger and vehicle fares. The 2.5 percent increase to fares will take place each October in 2021 and again in 2022.

The fare increase ensures current revenue requirements passed by the 2021 Legislature are met. The current state transportation budget requires $377 million to be generated from fares over the two-year budget timeframe, which results in a need for an additional $9.2 million in fare revenues.

For more information on the commission’s ferry fare setting process and decision-making, visit the fare setting section of the commission’s website.

The commission also adopted a policy change for how a vanpool is defined to ensure the policy matches current law. The change decreases the required number of people to be considered a vanpool from the current five people, to three people, adjusting the fares accordingly.

The presentation from the Aug. 10 hearing are available on the commission’s website and a recording of the hearing will be posted soon. For more information about the commission and complete meeting agendas, visit