State Transportation Commission releases ferry fare change proposal

Public comment being gathered through July

OLYMPIA – Ferry customers and others will have another opportunity to comment on proposed ferry fare changes. To meet the Legislature’s revenue expectations for ferries, based on the 2021-2023 transportation budget, the Washington State Transportation Commission put forth two fare increase options for public input. Today (June 15), the commission selected its ferry fare increase proposal, based on that input, and will gather public comment on this fare proposal through July.

The Commission is proposing an across the board 2.5% ferry fare increase that will be applied to all fares in October 2021, and October 2022. This approach spreads the fare increase equally between vehicles and walk on passengers. More information on the proposed fare increase can be found on the Commission’s website at: 2021-2023 Ferry Fare Setting – Washington State Transportation Commission.

The commission is also proposing a policy change for how a vanpool is defined to ensure the policy matches current law. The proposal decreases the required number of people to be considered a vanpool, from the current five people, to three people, adjusting the fares accordingly.

Comments on the commission’s ferry fare proposal can be made through Friday, July 30, on its website at: Commission Feedback – Washington State Transportation Commission, or by email:

The commission will hold a final hearing on the ferry fare proposal 10 a.m., Tuesday, August 10, when it is expected to take action on the proposal. The commission will be taking public comment at the hearing, which will be held virtually. Registration will be required to attend. To register and learn more, please visit the commission’s website:

Before selecting its proposed fare increase, the commission issued two fare increase alternatives in late May for public review via an online forum. Over 1,000 people voted and commented on the following fare change options:
• Alternative 1:
– 2.5% increase applied to all fares in October 2021 and 2022
• Alternative 2:
– Passenger fares remain unchanged in 2021 and increase 2.5% in October 2022
– Vehicle fares increase 3.1% in October 2021 and increase 2.5% in October 2022.

For more information about the commission and complete meeting agendas, visit:


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