SR 99 Toll rates, tolling exemptions & ferry surveys on Transportation Commission agenda, July 17-18

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June 13, 2018

Contact: Reema Griffith, WSTC Executive Director, 360-705-7070 (Olympia)

OLYMPIA – Proposed toll rates for the State Route 99 tunnel under downtown Seattle and a vote to standardize toll exemptions on current and future toll facilities are on the agenda when the State Transportation Commission meets next week in Olympia. Other agenda items include a report on performance of Washington State Ferries, and briefings on how the city of Seattle and other states are responding to advances in transportation technology, including autonomous vehicles.

The meeting starts 9 a.m. each day, Tuesday, July 17, and Wednesday, July 18, at the Transportation Building, 310 Maple Park Ave. SE, on the Capitol Campus in Olympia.

On Tuesday morning, the commission will hear the results of several surveys conducted this year utilizing the Ferry Riders Opinion Group (FROG) survey panel made up of more than 30,000 ferry riders. In addition, commissioners will hear the results of a separate survey of Washingtonians statewide, conducted to gather their input and views of the ferry system. The commission will conduct surveys this summer of recreational riders and this fall of the FROG survey panel to gather additional information on summer travel experiences on WSF. The surveys provide insight and data on ferry travel behavior, satisfaction with WSF performance, and statewide opinions regarding key issues facing the state ferry system.

Following that session, the commission will devote several hours to tolling issues. First, the Washington State Department of Transportation will provide a report on traffic and revenue performance on state tolled facilities for the most recent quarter.

At 1 p.m. Tuesday, the commission will hold a hearing on its proposed changes to toll exemptions and fees, which currently vary between each tolled facility. The proposal simplifies tolling rules by establishing uniform treatment of transit vehicles, emergency responders and some private buses across all tolled facilities. Following public comment, the commission is expected to take action on the proposal.

The commission will then take the next step in setting toll rates for the State Route 99 tunnel. In June, the commission issued three possible tolling options for public review and comment.  All three options are projected to generate enough revenue to cover costs as required under law, including toll operations, maintenance, and debt payments associated with the construction of the tunnel. The commission is expected to select one of the three tolling options at its meeting and will move that single option forward for further public review and comment before it takes final action to adopt the toll rates later this year. 

Tuesday’s agenda concludes with a presentation on approaches to addressing the legal and policy issues of autonomous vehicles.

On Wednesday, the commission will receive reports on the Road Usage Charge Pilot Project and a progress report on updating the statewide long-range transportation plan.

Wednesday’s agenda concludes with a presentation by the City of Seattle on its New Mobility Playbook. The city plans to use new technology to advance safety, justice and sustainability in Seattle, shaping the future of transportation in a way that puts people first.

The commission meeting is open to the public and persons wishing to speak to the commission may do so during several public comment periods throughout the two-day meeting.

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