Commission News Archive

Transportation Commission holds virtual meeting to discuss transportation issues in Bellevue area

Transportation Commission spotlights future direction for transportation at meeting next week

Transportation Commission holds meeting to discuss Pullman area transportation issues, SR 902 naming

Transportation Commission’s regular July meeting spread over two weeks: July 15
and 21

COVID-19 effects on transportation the focus of Transportation Commission meeting, July 7

Governor appoints Spokane’s Kelly Fukai to the State Transportation Commission 06.29.20

Transportation Commission holds virtual meeting to discuss transportation issues in Bellingham area

Transportation Commission holds virtual meeting to consider COVID-19 impacts on transportation, May 19

Transportation Commission to focus on future funding, autonomous and electric vehicles, ferry fares

Washington State Transportation Commission’s final report on road usage charging available online – 01.14.20

March 17-18 Transportation Commission Meeting Cancelled – 03.16.20

Transportation Commission will focus on the future of transportation – 03.11.20

2020 Legislative priorities, technology to highlight Transportation Commission meeting, Jan. 14-15 – 01.08.20

Washington State Transportation Commission adopts recommendations on Road Usage Charging – 12.17.19

Transportation Commission to recommend next steps on road usage charging to Legislature – 12.11.19

Transportation Commission meeting in Federal Way examines local transportation and Sea-Tac expansion – 11.13.19

Autonomous Vehicle Policy and Road Usage Charging focus of WSTC’s Oct. 15-16 meeting – 10.09.19

West Coast transportation commissions gather in Wash. to discuss rural transportation issues, Sept. 16-17 – 9.06.19

Ferry fare changes coming this fall – final decisions made at hearing today – 8.06.19

Ferry Fare changes coming this fall – final decisions to be made at hearing, Aug. 6 – 7.31.19

State Transportation Commission to honor Lewis County resident killed in combat – 7.12.19

State proposes to increase ferry fares and capital surcharge – Get your comments in – 6.26.19

Transportation Commission to meet in Bremerton, ferry fare and policy changes on agenda – 6.13.19

Okanogan County transportation the focus of State Transportation Commission meetings, May 14-15 – 5.06.19

WSTC to discuss SR 99 Tunnel performance, Target Zero and 2019 ferry fares during April 16 meeting – 4.12.19

Transportation Commission meeting spotlights future directions for transportation, March 19-20 – 3.13.19

Transportation Commission to name a portion of SR 530 near Oso during its February 20 & 21 meeting – 2.13.19

Washington Road Usage Charge Test Drive Now Complete – 2.08.19

Transportation Commission to focus on legislative priorities, tolling in Oregon, and ferry fare review, January 23-24 – 1.16.19

New Transportation Plan Will Keep Washington Moving Through 2040 and Beyond – 1.25.19

State commission to adopt long-range transportation plan, discuss autonomous vehicle recommendations – 12.06.18

State Transportation Commission to meet with regional leaders in Oak Harbor next week – 11.08.18

State Autonomous Vehicle Work Group meets to consider initial recommendations to Legislature – 10.19.18

State Transportation Commission adopts SR 99 tunnel toll rates – 10.16.18

State commission to set SR 99 tunnel toll rates, explore technology advances in transportation – 10.10.18

State Transportation Commission to meet with regional leaders in Port Angeles – 09.06.18

Governor fills open seat on State Transportation Commission – 07.23.18

Transportation Commission to meet with regional leaders in Walla Walla – 06.13.18

SR 99 Toll rates, tolling exemptions & ferry surveys on Transportation Commission agenda, July 17-18 – 06.13.18

SR 99 Tunnel Toll Setting Process Begins – Pubic Comments Requested – 05.22.18

Transportation Commission to explore Yakima area transportation issues at May 16 meeting – 05.09.18

Transportation Commission to discuss SR 99 tolling, long-range ferry plan, and road usage charge pilot April 17 & 18 – 04.17.18

State Transportation Commission meets in Seattle to discuss regional transportation issues next week – 03.08.18

Transportation Commission to discuss road usage charging and tolling, Feb. 13 -14 – 02.08.18

Transportation Commission discusses tolling, road usage charging, and Public/Private Partnerships, Jan. 17 and 18 – 01.11.18

State Transportation Commission to meet with Spokane Valley officials, Nov. 15 – 11.09.17

Transportation Commission to consider road usage charge pilot project and tolling items, Oct. 17-18 – 10.10.17

Transportation Commission to meet in Friday Harbor to discuss transportation and ferry service issues – 09.08.17

Transportation commission sets new ferry fares, makes changes to original proposal – 07.26.17

SR 520 Bridge toll rates increase, overnight tolling begins July 1 – 06.19.17

Public comment wanted on ferry fare increase proposal – 06.14.17

Transportation Commission to focus on Wenatchee Valley Transportation issues, June 20 – 06.12.17

Ferry fares, toll rates, and automotive technology on Transportation Commission’s agenda next week – 05.10.17

Transportation Commission to focus on Twin Cities’ regional transportation issues in Centralia, April 26 – 04.19.17

Transportation Commission focuses on ferries, transportation plans and funding, March 21- 22 – 03.16.17

Oil Train Safety and Tolling topics at Feb 15-16 Transportation Commission meeting – 02.09.17

Ferry topics and legislative preview are highlights for Transportation Commission meeting, Jan. 18-19 – 01.12.17

Transportation Commission to review I-405 Express Toll Lanes performance and begin work on SR 99 toll rates at the Dec. 12-13 meeting – 12.07.17