2016 Resolutions

Resolution No. 731 (pdf 116 kb)
Thanking Anne Haley for her years of service to the Transportation Commission as a member and Chairman.

Resolution No. 730 (pdf 83 kb)
Naming Interstate 5 from milepost 116 (Mounts Road exit), to milepost 125 (McChord exit) the “Boulevard of Remeberance.”

Resolution No. 729 (pdf 83 kb)
Recognizing the partnership between Oregon, California and Washington as the three Commissions continue to be national leaders in transportation pioneering and innovation.

Resolution No. 728 (pdf 108 kb)
Naming State Route 509 in Pierce County between the junction with Pacific Avenue and Taylor Way in the City of Tacoma the “Philip Martin Lelli Memorial Highway.”

Resolution No. 727 (pdf 100 kb)
Naming State Route 99 the “William P. Stewart Memorial Highway.”

Resolution No. 726 (pdf 62 kb)
Naming the fourth new Olympic Class 144-car ferry, the “Suquamish.)

Resolution No. 725 (pdf 79 kb)
Naming State Route 16 from milepost 18 to milepost 28 the “WSP Trooper Tony Radulescu Memorial Highway.”

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