Commission Letters to Congress

In late 2008, members of the West Coast Transportation Commissions from Washington, Oregon and California began to have conversations regarding critical transportation issues impacting the west coast states – these periodic conversations continue today. The three Commissions have taken joint positions on very important transportation topics and will continue to work towards identifying future topics which the the three can jointly support.

Once a policy area is identified and the details worked out, the end result is a joint letter from the three State Transportation Commissions to the collective West Coast Congressional delegations.

Below is a list of letters that have been sent.

2021 Reauthorization and Road Usage Charging Key Steps (pdf 58 kb)
September 27, 2019 letter – Approaches to Long-Term Viability of the Highway Trust Fund (pdf 158 kb)
January 21, 2019 letter – Advancing Road Usage Charging Nationwide (pdf 160 kb)
February 24, 2017 letter – Seismic Preparations & Funding Needs (pdf 279 kb)
February 2012 letter – Funding Alternatives (pdf 154 kb)
January 2011 letter – Highway Trust Fund (pdf 73 kb)
January 2010 letter – Corridor Preservation (pdf 2 mb)
April 2009 letter – Goods Movement Priorities (pdf 84 kb)
January 2009 letter – Transitioning to a Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee Structure (pdf 74 kb)