Meeting Agenda – February 14-15, 2024

Virtual Meeting Agenda – Olympia, Washington

For those unable to attend the meeting virtually, the commission will offer viewing accommodation in its office building at 2404 Chandler Court SW, Olympia, WA, 98502.

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Public Notice 

The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda, make adjustments to the order of agenda items, and adjust the time of adjournment as needed.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

TVW Meeting Recording

Item 1: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presenter: Debbie Young, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 2: 9:05

Michigan’s Inductive Charging Pilot Program

Presenters: Michele Mueller, Manager, Connected, Automated and Electrification, Michigan Department of Transportation
Stefan Tongur, Vice President, Business Development, Electreon

Michigan DOT is piloting the first in-road inductive charging system in the United States, enabling the real-time, in-motion charging of EVs. The pilot is taking place along a one-mile section of city street owned and maintained by the City of Detroit. This presentation will provide an overview of the pilot program.

Michigan DOT Inductive Charging Pilot Program  (pdf 5.7mb)

Item 3: 9:45

Building “Complete Streets” in Washington State

Presenters: Ashley Probart, Executive Director, Transportation Improvement Board
Celeste Gilman, Strategic Policy Administrator, Active Transportation Division, Washington State Department of Transportation
Gil Cerise, AICP Program Manager, Puget Sound Regional Council

Complete Streets is an approach to planning, designing, building, operating, and maintaining highways and the transportation system that enables safe and convenient access to destinations for all. This panel will discuss the current state of the Complete Streets policy in Washington state and opportunities for increasing implementation through collaboration.

TIB – Complete Streets  (pdf 3.3mb)
WSDOT – Complete Streets  (pdf 2mb)
Regional Planning – Complete Streets  (pdf 1.1mb)

Break: 10:45

Item 4: 11:00

Puget Sound Gateway Project Update

Presenters: John White, Puget Sound Gateway Program Administrator, Washington State Department of Transportation
Brent Baker
, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, WSP USA
Ed Barry
, Director, Tolling Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Puget Sound Gateway Program includes both the SR 509 Completion Project in south King County and the SR 167 Project in Pierce County. An update will be provided on the status of these projects, and tolling preparations will be discussed.

Puget Sound Gateway Program  (pdf 306kb)

Lunch: 11:45

Item 5: 12:30 p.m.

Advancing Infrastructure for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Presenter: Anthony Buckley, Director of Innovative Partnerships, Washington State Department of Transportation

An update will be provided on activities related to both state and federal investments in infrastructure supporting alternative fuel vehicles, including EV charging.

Advancing Infrastructure  (pdf 203kb)

Item 6: 1:00

Washington State Department of Transportation’s 2024 Highway System Plan

Presenters: Karena Houser, Multimodal Planning and Data Division Director, Washington State Department of Transportation
Jeremy Jewkes
, Statewide Planning Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation

WSDOT has released its draft Highway System Plan, which provides WSDOT’s blueprint for preserving, maintaining, improving, and operating interstates, federal highways and state highways in Washington state. An overview of the plan will be provided along with a review of the draft recommendations.

2024 Highway System Plan (pdf 1.2mb)

Item 7: 1:45

Washington State Ferries’ San Juan Islands Walk-on Ridership Maximization Study

Presenter: Jason Rogers, Planning Manager, Washington State Ferries

WSF recently completed a legislatively directed study that focuses on cost-effective strategies to maximize walk-on ridership on the Anacortes/San Juan Island ferry route. This presentation will provide an overview of findings.

San Juan Islands Walk-on Ridership Study  (pdf 718kb)

Item 8: 2:05

Washington State Ferries’ Passenger Demographics Study

Presenter: Carmen Bendixen, Senior Transportation Planner, Washington State Ferries

WSF recently completed a study focusing on passenger demographics to better understand the needs of ferry customers. An overview of the key findings and recommendations from the study will be presented.

Passenger Demographics Study (pdf 576kb)

Item 9: 2:25

Washington State Ferries’ Vessel Search Report

Presenter: John Vezina, Director, Planning, Customer and Government Relations, Washington State Ferries

The Legislature directed WSF to study the feasibility of purchasing or leasing a vessel suitable for service on the Anacortes/Friday Harbor/Sidney, BC route. An update will be provided on the findings of this study.

Item 10: 2:45

Electrification in Freight Mobility

Presenter: Keith Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Titan Freight Systems

Titan Freight Systems will present an overview of its partnership with Daimler Truck North America in advancing sustainable transportation in the Pacific Northwest. The partnership aims to increase operational efficiency while reducing Titan Freight Systems’ carbon footprint through a transition to zero-emission, battery electric trucks in combination with systems that track each shipment in real time.

Titan Fleet Decarbonization  (pdf 1.7mb)

Break: 3:15

Item 11: 3:25

Joint Transportation Committee’s Local Partnerships Study

Presenters: Tracy Burrows, Executive Director, Municipal Research Services Center
Steve Gorcester
, Principal, Performance Plane

The 2023-25 Transportation Budget directed the Joint Transportation Committee to convene a work group to identify approaches to partnerships between the Washington State Department of Transportation and local jurisdictions in the delivery of preservation and maintenance projects on state highways. An overview of the study and the final findings will be presented.

JTC Local Partnerships Study (pdf 400kb)

Item 12: 4:15

Maximizing the Potential in State Highway Roadsides

Presenters: Ray Willard, State Roadside Landscape Asset Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation
Juli Hartwig
, State Landscape Architect, Washington State Department of Transportation

An update will be provided on WSDOT efforts to improve the condition and functionality of highway right of way for climate resilience, environmental justice, and system sustainability.

State Highway Roadsides (pdf 6mb)


Recess: 5:00


Thursday, February 15, 2024 – Reconvene Day 2

TVW Meeting Recording

Item 13: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presenter: Debbie Young, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 14: 9:05

Commission Business

  • January Meeting Summary
  • Legislative Update
  • SR 520 Toll Rate Setting Update

Item 15: 9:35

Joint Transportation Committee’s Study on Incentivizing the Transition to Electric Vehicles

Presenters:  Paul Neal, Senior Counsel, Joint Transportation Committee
Jeff Doyle
, Project Technical Leader, CDM Smith

This presentation will share the findings of a recent study conducted by the Joint Transportation Committee focusing on encouraging high-consumption fuel users to switch to electric vehicles.

Incentivizing the Transition to Electric Vehicles Study  (pdf 1.4mb)

Break: 10:15

Item 16: 10:30

Impacts of Airports on Community Health

Presenter: Kris Johnson, PhD, Assessment, Policy Development & Evaluation, Public Health – Seattle and King County

In 2020, the Legislature directed Public Health at Seattle and King County to assess the impacts airport operations have on the health of surrounding communities and provide recommendations. An overview will be provided on this study and the broader implications of health disparities.

Impacts of Airports on Community Health  (pdf 774kb)

Item 17: 11:15

WSDOT Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Roger Millar, Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation

An update will be provided on Washington State Department of Transportation activities.

Item 18: 11:30

Public Comment

To sign up for public comment, please put your name and interest in the Q&A box found on screen during the meeting.

Item 19: 11:45

Commission Business

  • Commission Reflections and Reports

Adjourn: 12:00 p.m.


Next Meeting:

March 13 & 14, 2024 – Virtual



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Title VI Notice to Public

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