Meeting Agenda – October 17-18, 2023

Meeting Agenda – Olympia, Washington


WSDOT Headquarters Building
Nisqually Board Room 1D2
310 Maple Park Avenue SE
Olympia, WA


This meeting will be in person with the option to attend virtually. Registration is required to participate virtually.

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Public Notice 

The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda, make adjustments to the order of agenda items, and adjust the time of adjournment as needed.

Those wishing to offer comments can do so during the public comment period either in person or virtually, after registration online. To sign up for virtual comment, using the Q&A box found on-screen during the meeting, please indicate your name and that you would like to provide comments. Written comments can also be submitted via email at:

If you plan to engage in this meeting from your car, we encourage you to do so while parked.


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Item 1: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presenter: Debbie Young, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 2: 9:05

Statewide Maintenance Needs and Challenges

Presenters: Pasco Bakotich, P.E., Director, Maintenance Operations, Washington State Department of Transportation
Jay Drye, Director
, Local Programs, Washington State Department of Transportation
Billy Hetherington
, President, Good Roads and Political Director, LIUNA! Local 242
Jane Wall
, Executive Director, County Road Administration Board

Washington State owns a multimodal transportation system that would cost over $200 billion to replace today, making it critically important that we maintain what we have and protect the investments we have made. The State Department of Transportation estimates the unfunded need for preservation and maintenance to be at $11 billion over the next 10 years. The Washington State Transportation Commission will host an expert panel that will speak to the maintenance challenges we are facing statewide, the growing risk of falling behind even further, and opportunities to correct the course we are on.

Item 3: 10.30

Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Amy Scarton, Deputy Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation

An update will be provided on Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) activities.

Break: 10:45

Item 4: 11:00

NextGen Highways – Efficient Energy Transmission Development

Presenter:  Matt Prorok, Senior Policy Manager, Energy Systems, Great Plains Institute

The opportunity to co-locate new energy transmission corridors on primary transportation corridors and support future transportation electrification will be discussed along with examples of work underway across the US.

Lunch: 12 p.m.

Item 5: 1:00

Transforming the Heavy-Duty Transportation Sector

Presenters:  Salim Youssefzadeh, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, WattEV
Michael Ganny
, Manager, Grants & Proposals, WattEV

With transportation causing nearly 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, WattEV is taking a total solution approach by increasing electric trucking and the charging infrastructure that will keep those trucks hauling freight. The Commission will hear about their efforts to create an ecosystem that addresses and supports the needs of the trucking sector if it is to transition to electric as its primary fuel source.

Item 6: 1:45

SR 167 Master Plan Update

Presenter:  April Delchamps, Planning Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation

Rapid population and employment growth have resulted in substantial congestion in the SR 167 corridor, negatively impacting mobility for people who drive, deliver freight, walk, bike, or roll. In June 2023 the Washington State Department of Transportation completed the multimodal SR 167 Master Plan to address solutions. The Commission will be briefed on the study’s recommended projects and strategies, along with the feedback gathered.

Break: 2:30

Item 7: 2:45

I-405 / SR 167 ETL Tolling Scenarios

Presenters:  Carl See, Deputy Director, Washington State Transportation Commission
Ed Barry
, Director of Tolling, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Commission is working to identify possible toll rate scenarios for the I-405/SR 167 express toll lanes (ETLs) corridor in preparation for the opening of the Bellevue to Renton I-405 ETLs expected in 2025, and on a potential interim rate-setting in 2024 for the current I-405/SR 167 ETLs facilities. Possible scenario options will be discussed and selected for further analysis and consideration. All scenarios to be selected are for analysis purposes only.

Item 8: 3:45

Driving Washington’s Future: Connecting Regional and Statewide Planning

Presenters:  Lois Bollenback, Executive Director, Spokane Regional Transportation Council
Matt Ransom, Executive Director, Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council
Thera Black, PRTPO Coordination, Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization

Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Planning Organizations around the state vary by size, area, and needs, and strive to increase public understanding and engagement in planning for the future of regional transportation. This panel will discuss the current planning successes and challenges and identify opportunities to advance regional planning in Washington.

Recess: 5:00

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 – Reconvene Day 2

Item 9: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presenter: Debbie Young, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 10: 9:05

Commission Business

Presenters: Reema Griffith, Executive Director, Washington State Transportation Commission
Carl See, Deputy Director, Washington State Transportation Commission
Paula Reeves, Senior Policy Analyst, Washington State Transportation Commission

  • September Meeting Summary
  • 2024 Commission Meeting Schedule– ACTION
  • Annual Report Work Session
  • Tolling Report Work Session

Item 11: 10:15

Naming SR 411 the “Cowlitz County Deputy Sheriff Justin DeRosier Memorial Highway” – ACTION

Presenters: State Representative Ed Orcutt, 20th District, Washington State House of Representatives
Sheriff Brad Thurman, Cowlitz County
Katie DeRosier, Family

Based upon direction from the 2023 Legislature who passed House Joint Memorial 4001, the Commission will consider this naming request from the Legislature and local sponsors.

Item 12: 10:45

Final Findings – 2023 Route Jurisdiction Transfer Requests: Cities of Ridgefield and Snoqualmie – ACTION

Presenters:  Paula Reeves, Senior Policy Analyst, Washington State Transportation Commission
Ashley Probart, Executive Director, Transportation Improvement Board
Greg Armstrong, Project Engineer, Transportation Improvement Board

The Transportation Commission receives and reviews route jurisdiction transfer requests from cities, counties, or the Department of Transportation requesting additions or deletions from the state highway system. The Commission has two RJT requests before it for consideration.

  • The City of Snoqualmie is requesting a transfer of the Snoqualmie Parkway, between the terminus of SR 18 at I-90 and SR 202/Railroad Ave., to the State of Washington.
  • The City of Ridgefield is requesting a transfer of SR 501 from the State of Washington to the City of Ridgefield.

The results of an independent engineering review of each request will be presented, and the Commission will consider action to advance them to the Legislature for codification in Law.

Item 13: 11:30

Kickoff of the Legislatively Directed Advanced Transportation Technologies Study

Presenter:  Craig Baxter, Project Manager, CDM Smith

The Legislature, in the 2023-25 Transportation Budget (ESHB 1125), directed the Washington State Transportation Commission to carry out a study assessing approaches to increasing safety and compliance of HOV lanes, ETLs, tolled facilities, and construction zones, facilitated by advanced technologies. CDM Smith has been selected as the Commission’s vendor to assist in carrying out the study and will provide an introduction and timeline for the project.

Item 14: 11:50

Kickoff of the Washington Transportation Plan Update & West Coast Transportation Network Scoping Effort

Presenter:  Jonathan Overman, Senior Associate, Cambridge Systematics

The Washington State Transportation Commission is required in state law (RCW 47.01.071) to update the Washington Transportation Plan every four years. The 2023 Legislature provided funding to carry out the update, and also provided direction to carry out a scoping effort to determine how a future West Coast Transportation Network Plan could be developed between the three west coast states. Both directives will be carried out with the support of a consultant team from Cambridge Systematics, who will introduce project and schedule.

Item 15: 12:10 p.m.

Kickoff of the Legislatively Directed Statewide Route Jurisdiction Study

Presenter:  Rob Fellows, Project Manager, WSP USA

The 2023-25 Transportation Budget directs the Washington State Transportation Commission to conduct a route jurisdiction study aimed at assessing the current state highway system to determine if changes are needed in jurisdictional assignment. WSP USA has been selected as the Commission’s vendor to assist in carrying out the study and will provide a project overview and timeline.

Item 16: 12:30

Public Comment

To sign up for public comment, please put your name and interest in the Q&A box found on screen during the meeting.

Item 17: 12:45

Commission Business

  • Reflections and Recommendations

Adjourn: 1:00


Next Meeting:

Pasco, WA
November 14-15, 2023



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