Meeting Agenda – March 16-17, 2021

Virtual Meeting Agenda


Public Notice 

The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda, make adjustments to the order of the agenda items, and adjust the time of adjournment as needed.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Item 1: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Presenter: Jerry Litt, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 2: 9:05

Work Session:
Clean Energy Meets Green Transportation

Bruce Agnew
, Director, Cascadia/ACES NW Network
Matt Morrison
, Director, Pacific NW Economic Region

Tom Alberg
, Chief Executive Officer, Madrona Venture Group

Panel A:
Stephanie Bowman, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
Roei Ganzarski, Chief Executive Officer, MagniX Electric Aircraft Propulsion
Yolanka Wulff, Co-Executive Director, Community Air Mobility Initiative

Panel B:
Nancy Bell, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Associate General Counsel, Rivian
Mike Usen, Electromobility and Resiliency, DKS Associates
Rocale Timmons, Senior Vice President of Planning and Development, Southport Renton SECO Development
Karen Morgan, Managing Partner, TESIAC
Scott Kuznicki, Associate Director, ACES NW Network

Final Presenter:
Kevin Moss, Policy Advisor, Western Governors’ Association

As the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and aircraft grows, centralizing EV charging within multimodal transportation hubs will be a dramatic, technology-driven transformation of transportation – and one that few states and local governments are prepared for. Today’s speakers will explore the relationship between green energy and transportation.

Specific topics to be explored include:
-The nexus between aviation, surface and marine transportation electrification, and the power to leverage public and private assets and financial resources.
– Northwest electrification and how to bring innovative technologies to communities of color.

This first panel will address SeaTac Airport as it evolves to becoming a multimodal hub for clean fuels, and statewide electric/autonomous flight.

The second panel will address smart cities, smart fleets, and green community mobility.

The session will wrap up with a presentation from the Western Governors Association on efforts underway to electrify western highways.

Clean Energy Meets Green Transportation  (pdf 544kb)

Work Session Introduction (pdf 1.1mb)

Port of Seattle  (pdf 835kb)

Advanced Air Mobility Initiative  (pdf 1mb)

Mobility Marketplaces  (pdf 1.6mb)

RIVIAN + Washington  (pdf 7mb)

Smart Cities, Smart Fleets, & Green Community Mobility  (pdf 2mb)

Southport District-A Future City Collaborative Case Study  (pdf 1.9mb)

Bringing “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” to the Public & Private Sectors (pdf 1mb)

Lunch: 12:00 p.m.

Item 3: 1:00

Electric Aircraft Feasibility Study

Presenter: David Fleckenstein, Director, Aviation Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Commission will be briefed on WSDOT’s Electric Aircraft Feasibility Study, released in November 2020. The study includes six recommended beta test airports for early adoption and planning factors for next steps.

Electric Aircraft Feasibility Study (pdf 508kb)

Item 4: 1:30

Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission 2020 Report

Presenter: David Fleckenstein, Director, Aviation Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Commission will be briefed on the Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission’s (CACC) 2020 report including early recommendations on addressing aviation capacity for passenger service, air cargo, and general aviation. An overview of next steps for the CACC will also be provided.

Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission  (pdf 142kb)

Item 5: 2:00

Washington State Ferries Performance Measures

Presenter: Donna Thomas, Performance Measurement Specialist, Washington State Ferries, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Commission will be briefed on the Washington State Ferries Fiscal Year 2020 Performance Report. The report focuses on safety performance, service effectiveness, cost containment and capital program effectiveness.

WSF-2020 Annual Performance Report  (pdf 131kb)

Item 6: 2:30

Washington State Ferries FY 2020 Diesel Fuel Price Hedging Report

Presenter: Rick Singer, Director of Finance and Administration, Washington State Ferries, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Commission will be briefed on the performance of Washington State Ferries diesel fuel hedging program.

WSF FY2020-Annual Fuel Hedging Report (pdf 172kb)

Item 7: 3:00

Tolling Financial Update

Presenter: Ed Barry, Director, Toll Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Commission will receive an overview of the traffic and revenue performance of Washington State toll facilities for October through December 2020 and initial performance for January through March 2021. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will also be discussed.

Toll Facilities Traffic and Revenue COVID – Update  (pdf 194kb)

Recess: 3:30

Wednesday, March, 17, 2021

Item 8: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presenter: Jerry Litt, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 9: 9:05

Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Roger Millar, Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 10: 9:15

Puget Sound Regional Council’s Equity Strategy

Presenter: Charles Patton, Ph.D., Equity Manager, Puget Sound Regional Council

The Commission will be briefed on PSRC’s Regional Equity Strategy. PSRC is developing a Regional Equity Strategy that aims to make equity central to all that they do as a regional planning organization.

Vision 2050-Regional Equity Strategy  (pdf 1mb)

Item 11: 9:45

Performance-based Project Evaluation Feasibility Report

Presenter: Kerri Woehler, Director, Multimodal Planning & Data Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

In 2020, the Washington State Legislature directed WSDOT to study the feasibility of performance-based evaluation of transportation projects. WSDOT will share with commissioners the results of this work, which addresses how to compare transportation projects to determine which investments will best help the transportation system meet the policy goals set by the Legislature.

Performance Based Project Evaluation Feasibility Report  (pdf 686kb)

Item 12: 10:30

Commission Business

  • Reflections and Recommendations
  • February Meeting Summary
  • 2021 Legislative Update
  • Proposed Schedule for 2021 Toll Rate Setting
  • Naming SR 165 – “Glacier Highway”
  • Subcommittee Reports

Adjourn: 11:15


Next Meeting:

April 20 & 21, 2021
Lakewood, WA – Virtual



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