Meeting Agenda – December 15-16, 2020

Virtual Meeting Agenda


Public Notice 

The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda, make adjustments to the order of the agenda items, and adjust the time of adjournment as needed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020


TVW Live

Item 1: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Presenter: Jerry Litt, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 2: 9:05

I-405 / SR 167 Express Toll Lane Low-Income Tolling Study

Presenters: Gabor Debreczeni, Economic Analysis and Forecasting Manager, WSP USA
Catherine Larson
, Principal Consultant, Larson Consulting Associates

At the direction of the Legislature, the Commission is leading a study of potential low-income tolling program options for the I-405/SR 167 Express Toll Lanes corridor. The project team will present an assessment of proposed low-income toll program options for further study, as well as results of a survey of low-income residents in the area of the I-405/SR 167 Express Toll Lanes corridor.

I-405/SR 167 Express Toll Lanes Low-Income Toll Study  (pdf 764kb)

Item 3: 10:35

Road Usage Charge Update – Action

Presenters: Jeff Doyle, Partner, Milestone Solutions, LLP
Travis Dunn
, Partner, Milestone Solutions, LLP

An overview will be provided on the content of the 2021 RUC update report to the Legislature on activities and next steps.

Road Usage Charge Update on Annual Report Draft  (pdf 235kb)

Break: 11:05

Item 4: 11:15

Ferry Riders’ Opinion Group (FROG) COVID Survey

Presenters: Chelsea Benning, Director, Design and Analysis, Pacific Market Research
Bill Young
, Owner, Research Assurance

Findings and results of a recent FROG survey will be presented. The survey focused on COVID-19 impacts to ferry riders and travel changes.

Ferry Riders’ Opinion Group 2020 Special Fall Study Report (pdf 550kb)

Lunch: 12:15 p.m.

Item 5: 1:00

Autonomous Vehicle Annual Work Group Update – Action

Executive Committee:
Commissioner Jim Restucci, Chair, Autonomous Vehicle Work Group
Scott Shogan, Vice President, WSP

Safety Subcommittee:
Manuela Papadopol, Co-Chair, CEO, Designated Driver
Debi Besser, Subcommittee Lead Staff, Program Manager, Traffic Safety Commission

Licensing Subcommittee:
Beau Perschbacher, Co-Chair, Director, Policy and Legislative Department of Licensing
Drew Wilder, Co-Chair

Health & Equity Subcommittee:
Andrew L. Dannenberg, Co-Chair, MD, MPH

Infrastructure & Systems Subcommittee:
Ted Bailey, Subcommittee Lead Staff, Cooperative Automated Transportation Program Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation

Liability Subcommittee:
David Forte, Co-Chair, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of the Insurance Commissioner

System Technology & Data Security Subcommittee:
Kathryn Ruckle, Co-Chair, State Chief Privacy Officer, Office of Privacy and Data Protection

Workforce Subcommittee:
Maggie Leland, Co-Chair, Executive Policy Manager, Department of Labor & Industries
Brenda Wiest, Co-Chair, Vice-President & Legislative Director, Teamsters 117

At the direction of the Legislature, the Commission is leading the Autonomous Vehicle (AVs) Work Group who is charged with developing recommended policies and regulations to support the safe operation of AVs on public roadways in the state. Recommendations from the Work Group Subcommittees and Executive Committee will be provided, along with an overview of the 2020 Annual Report due to the Legislature in January.

Overview of AV Work Group’s 2020 Annual Report   (pdf 832kb)
Safety Subcommittee Report & Recommendations (pdf 587kb)
Licensing Subcommittee Report & Recommendations (pdf  189kb)
Health & Equity Subcommittee Report & Recommendations (pdf 351kb)
2020 Infrastructure Systems Subcommittee Report & Recommendations  (pdf 834kb)
Liability Subcommittee Update  (pdf 207kb)
System Technology & Data Security Subcommittee Update  (pdf 37kb)
Workforce Subcommittee Update  (pdf 276kb)

Break: 3:00

Item 6: 3:10

Tolling Traffic & Revenue Report – FY 2021 Q1

Presenter: Ed Barry, Director, Toll Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

This briefing will provide an overview of the traffic and revenue performance of Washington State toll facilities for July – September 2020.

Toll Facilities Traffic & Revenue Performance (pdf 260kb)

Item 7: 3:40

State Transportation Revenue Forecast

Presenters: Doug Vaughn, Chief Finance Officer, Washington State Department of Transportation
Ed Barry
, Director, Toll Division, Washington State Department of Transportation
Ray Deardorf
, Senior Planning Manager, Washington State Ferries Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

Released on November 19, 2020, this is an update to the September Transportation Revenue Forecast. This briefing will provide an overview of the forecast, as well as specifically addressing the forecasts for tolling traffic volumes and revenue, and ferry ridership volumes and revenues.

November 2020 Transportation Revenue Forecast Overview (pdf 309kb)
November 2020 Toll Facilities Forecast Summary (pdf 213kb)
WSF November 2020 Ridership & Fare Revenue Forecasts (pdf 259kb)

Item 8: 4:40

Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Roger Millar, Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation

Recess: 5:00

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


TVW Live

Item 9: 9:00 a.m.

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Presenter: Jerry Litt, Chair, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 10: 9:05

The Future of Transportation: Post-COVID

American Planning Association:
Yorik Stevens-Wadja, President-Elect, APA Washington
Patrick Lynch, Principal, Director, Transportation Planning Services, Transpo Group
Michael Hintze, Director of Planning, Seattle, Toole Design
Chris Comeau, Transportation Planner, City of Bellingham

Shared-Ride Service Providers:
Caleb Weaver, Public Policy, US West, Uber Technologies
Chris Thomas, Senior Director, Public Policy, Lyft
Annabel Chang, Head of State Policy & Government Affairs, Waymo

Major disruptions lead to opportunities for change and improvements – but where and how should these changes happen? Presenters will provide perspectives on how COVID-19 has and will impact the future of transportation and provide insights into what public officials and decision makers should be considering going forward.

Specific topics to be explored include: 

  • Representatives of the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association will discuss changes transportation planners are seeing emerge and impacts on transportation systems
  • Shared-ride services will address both their experiences and observations during the pandemic; how they see the near-term and longer term playing out for transportation and their industry; services that might emerge as ride-share becomes a bigger and vital part of our transportation system; etc.
  • Waymo will address technology advancements they are making in the COVID era, as they move towards a new future in transportation

Transportation-Land Use COVID-19 Changes and Emerging Trends (pdf 775kb)
Transportation in a Post COVID-19 World  (pdf 905kb)
Transportation Systems that Support Resilient Communities During a Pandemic and Beyond  (pdf  1.7mb)
Inclusive Transport for a Sustainable Future  (pdf 2.7mb)
Lyft’s Mission  (pdf 348kb)

Item 11: 11:20

Commission Business

– Reflections and Recommendations
– November Meeting Summary
– 2021 West Coast Commission Meeting
– 2020 Reports – ACTION
          o Annual Report: draft content and recommendations will be reviewed
          o Tolling Report: draft content and recommendations will be reviewed
– Subcommittee Reports

Adjourn: 1:00

Next Meeting:

January 19-20, 2021
Olympia, WA 



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Title VI Notice to Public

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