Washington State Transportation Commission – Meeting Agenda – March 19-20, 2019

WSDOT Headquarters Building
Nisqually Conference Room 1D2
310 Maple Park Avenue SE, Olympia, Washington
Meetings are webcast live on tvw.org

Public Notice: The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda, make adjustments to the order of agenda items, and adjust the time of adjournment as needed.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Item 1: 9:00 am

Commission Business

  • Approval of February 20 & 21, 2019 Olympia meeting summary – Action
  • AV Workgroup Update
  • WSF Tariff Cycle Update
  • Commission Reports

Item 2: 9:30

Sea-Tac International Strategic Airport Master Plan (SAMP)

Sea-Tac International Airport is one of the fastest-growing major airports in the nation.  Sea-Tac’s SAMP plan recommends more than 30 Near-Term Projects that will accommodate 56 million passengers and meet the forecasted demand to 2027. Highlights include a new terminal with 19 gates, and an automated people mover with three stations to connect the rental car facility, new terminal, and main terminal.
Sea-Tac Airport Capitol Development Update (pdf  761 kb)

Presenters: Eric ffitch, Port of Seattle
Arlyn Purcell, Director, Aviation Environmental Services, Port of Seattle

Break: 10:30

Item 3: 10:45

Greening Transportation Infrastructure

Greenroads International is a non-profit corporation which advances sustainability education and initiatives for transportation infrastructure. It has worked on projects in Bellingham, Tacoma, San Francisco, and Abu Dhabi. The Nature Conservancy’s Puget Sound office has worked on advancing new regional strategies to address storm water pollution and expand the use of green infrastructure in Puget Sound cities and towns.

Greener Transportation Infrastructure (pdf 4 mb)
Greenroads Project Rating Program (pdf 436 kb)
Blueprint for building sustainable transportation projects (pdf 319 kb)
Solving Stormwater (pdf 3 mb)

Presenters: Jeralee Anderson, President/CEO, Greenroads Chris Hilton, Urban Partnerships Director, The Nature Conservancy

Lunch: 12:00 p.m.

Item 4: 1:00

I-5 Partnership and Regional HOV Access

The I-5 System Partnership is made up of representatives from transportation agencies, the business community, and jurisdictions throughout the 107 mile study area from Tumwater to Marysville. Goals and strategies identified by the I-5 System Partnership over the last year provide a starting point for potential options to improve I-5 mobility. The Governor’s budget includes $2.5 million to begin planning on I-5 to identify a long-range master plan that will consider, among other things, a comprehensive look at the future of I-5 and the regional HOV lane system.
I-5 System Partnership and Regional HOV Planning (pdf 2 mb)
I-5 Partnership Folio (pdf 441 kb)
Presenter: Robin Mayhew, Director, Management of Mobility, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 5: 2:00

Smart Transportation Applications and Research Lab

The University of Washington’s STAR Lab is dedicated to advancement of intelligent transportation systems. The lab focuses on many research areas including traffic detection, remote sensing, big-data analytics and traffic operations. STAR Lab research leverages the growing amount of transportation data to understand underlying patterns and behavioral changes in the transportation world.
Smart Transportation Applcations and Research Lab (pdf 4 mb)
Presenter: Yinhai Wang, Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Washington

Break: 3:00

Item 6: 3:15

Tolling Update

  • WSDOT Annual Tolling Report
  • Q2 Traffic and Revenue Report

WSDOT will provide an overview of its Annual Tolling Report and update the traffic and revenue performance for tolled facilities, for the second quarter of FY2019.

Annual Traffic and Revenue & Proviso Report (pdf 703 kb)

Presenter: Ed Barry, Director of Tolling, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 7: 4:00

2019 Legislative Update

Presenter: Paul Parker, Deputy Director, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 8: 4:50

Public Comment

Adjourn: 5:00

Commissioner Dinner: 6:00
Olympia Oyster House


Wednesday, March 20, 2019 

Item 9: 9:00 am

Road Usage Charge Pilot Project Update

Following the end of the live pilot test of road usage charging, work turns to data analysis, participant surveys and focus groups, and development of policy recommendations. Today the Commission will review three draft policy white papers, discuss the next set of policy papers, and review early results of the last participant survey and comparative results from all three surveys.

RUC Pilot Project Update (pdf 1 mb)

Presenter: Travis Dunn, Managing Partner, D’Artgnan Consulting

Item 10: 10:30

Puget Sound Regional Council Regional Aviation Baseline Study

Puget Sound Regional Council Regional (PSRC) is beginning a two-year study of the region’s aviation system. The Regional Aviation Baseline Study will identify the roles of each airport, the aviation activities within the region, and future aviation needs within the central Puget Sound region to set the stage for future planning.

Regional Aviation Baseline study (pdf 1 mb)

Presenter: Josh Brown, Executive Director, Puget Sound Regional Council

Item 11: 11:00

Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Roger Millar, Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 12: 11:15

Public Comment

Item 13: 11:30

Reflections and Recommendations

Adjourn: 11:45

Next Meeting
Olympia WA
April 16 & 17, 2019

(The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item during the Commission Meeting and may make adjustments to the order of the agenda items as well as the time of adjournment.)

All Transportation Commission and Committee meetings are open to the public.


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Title VI Notice to Public

It is WSTC’s policy to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin or sex, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise discriminated against under any of its federally funded programs and activities. Any person who believes his/her Title VI protection has been violated, may file a complaint with WSDOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). For additional information regarding Title VI complaint procedures and/or information regarding our non-discrimination obligations, please contact OEO’s Title VI Coordinator 360-705-7082.