Washington State Transportation Commission – Meeting Agenda – February 20, 2019

WSDOT Headquarters Building
Commission Board Room 1D2
310 Maple Park Avenue SE, Olympia, Washington
Meetings are webcast live on tvw.org

Public Notice: The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda, make adjustments to the order of agenda items, and adjust the time of adjournment as needed.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.


Item 1: 9:00 am

Ferry Riders’ Opinion (FROG) Policy Survey

FROG panel members were surveyed in February for their views on several policy issues regarding Washington State Ferries. This briefing will reveal survey responses on fare policy and customer service issues.

Presenter: Bill Young, Program Manager, Research Assurance

January 2019 WSF Policy Study (pdf 1.4 mb)
WSF Policy Study 2019 Final Report (pdf 2.5 mb)

Item 2: 9:45 am

Washington State Ferries’ Triangle Route (Vashon, Southworth, Seattle) Study and Recommendations

The Evans School evaluated ways to improve loading, ticketing, and community relations for the Triangle Route. Some of their recommendations may impact fare setting and policy by the Transportation Commission.

Presenters: Prof. Alison Cullen, University of Washington Evans School of Public Affairs
Prof. Stephen Page, University of Washington Evans School of Public Affairs

WSF Triangle Route Study (pdf 880 kb)

Break 10:30 am

Item 3: 10:45 am

2018 Ferries Performance Report

RCW 47.64.355 sets goals and measures to monitor progress in providing ferry service. The report focuses on: safety performance, service effectiveness, cost containment and capital program effectiveness. Data shows that continued investment in our ferry system has improved performance in many areas and where more improvement may be needed.

Presenter: Rick Singer, Director, Finance & Administration, Washington State Department of Transportation

WSF Performance Report (pdf 518 kb)

Item 4: 11:15 am

Naming Highway SR 530: OSO Slide Memorial Highway – Action

At the request of community leaders, the Commission will take action to name a portion of SR 530 to recognize those who perished in the Oso Slide on March 22, 2014.

John Hadaway
Dayn Brunner
Peggy Ray
Teresa Hanna
Tom Teigen

Oso Slide Vicinity Map (pdf 1 mb)
Resolution 736 (pdf 218 kb)

Lunch: 12:00 pm

Item 5: 1:00 pm

Transit and New Mobility Approaches

King County and Pierce County are both collaborating with transportation network companies and other innovative ways to improve public transportation and reduce operating costs.

Presenters: Sanjay Gokhale, Senior Advisor to the General Manager, Strategy & New Mobility Partnerships, King County Metro Transit
Penny Grellier, Business Partnership Administrator, Pierce Transit

Future of Urban Transport (pdf 637 kb)
Limited Access Connections (pdf 765 kb)

Item 6: 2:00 pm

Tacoma Passenger Fast Ferry Report

The City of Tacoma has explored the possibility of establishing passenger ferry service between Tacoma and Seattle. Councilman Mello will report on the challenges and next steps.

Presenter: Ryan Mello, Councilman, City of Tacoma

Tacoma Fast Ferry (pdf 874 kb)

Break 2:45

Item 7: 3:00 pm

WSDOT Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Division is updating the state plan for bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

Presenter: Barb Chamberlain, Director, Active Transportation Division, Washington State Department of Transportation

Active Transportation (pdf 5 mb)

Item 8: 4:00 pm

Commission Business

  • Approval of December 11 & 12, 2018 – Action
    Approval of January 23 & 24, 2019 – Action
    Meeting Summary
  • Update – West Coast Commissions’ Meeting
  • Commissioner Reports

Item 9: 4:30 pm

Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Keith Metcalf, Deputy Secretary, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 10 4:45 pm

Public Comment

Adjourn – 5:00

Commissioner Dinner – Oly Rockfish Grill – 6:00 pm


Thursday, February 21, 2019 – 9:00 am

Item 11 9:00 am

Public-Private Partnership Report: Kingsgate Project

WSDOT will report on the challenges and opportunities for transit-oriented development at the Kingsgate Park and Ride in Kirkland. Its evaluation included analysis of feasibility and cost.

Presenter: Anthony Buckley, Director, Innovative Partnerships, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 12 9:30 am

SR 520 Financial Compliance

The Office of the State Treasurer will report its findings regarding toll revenues on the SR 520 Bridge as compared to financial projections.

Presenter: Jason Richter, Deputy Treasurer, Office of the State Treasurer

SR 520 Certification Process (pdf 432 kb)

Item 13 10:00 am

Building Hard and Soft Infrastructure for Highly Automated Vehicles

INRIX, a Washington State company, is providing critical infrastructure for the emergence of autonomous vehicles (AVs). It has digitized the Las Vegas road network and has partnered with industry, nonprofit and academic institutions to inform and educate the public and policymakers on AVs and their impact on the future of mobility.

Presenter: Ted Trepanier, Senior Director, Public Sector Services, INRIX

Preparing Roads for AVs (pdf 986 kb)

Item 14 10:45 am

Commission Business

  • Setting the effective Date of SR 99 Toll Rates
  • Honoring S. Alan Weaver
  • AV Workgroup Update
  • Commissioner Reports

Item 15 11:00 am

2019 Legislative Update

Presenter: Paul Parker, Deputy Director, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 16 11:30 am

Report Card for Washington’s Infrastructure

Civil engineers from around the state recently evaluated Washington’s infrastructure, including capacity, condition, safety, and funding, among other criteria, to provide recommendations on how to improve its reliability and use for the future.

Presenter: Mark Koelling, American Society of Civil Engineers, Seattle

2019 Report Card for Washington’s Infrastructure (pdf 2 mb)

Item 17 11:45 am

Public Comment

Item 18 12:00 pm

Reflections and Recommendations

Adjourn – 12:15 pm

Next Meeting
March 19 & 20, 2019
Olympia, Washington

(The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item during the Commission Meeting and may make adjustments to the order of the agenda items as well as the time of adjournment.)

All Transportation Commission and Committee meetings are open to the public.


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