Washington State Transportation Commission Regular Meeting Agenda – November 14, 2018

Oak Harbor City Hall
865 SE Barrington Drive
Oak Harbor, Washington

Please note: All listed times are estimates only and the Commission reserves the right to move agenda items as needed.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Item 1: 9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

Presenter: Robert Severns, Mayor, Oak Harbor

Item 2: 9:05

Commission Business

Approval of October 16 & 17, 2018 Meeting Summary – Action

Item 3: 9:10

Transportation 101

An overview of the fiscal and policy framework of the statewide tranportation system.

Transportation 101 (pdf 2 mb)

Presenter: Paul Parker, Deputy Director, WSTC

Item 4: 9:25

Regional Transportation: The Big Picture

Island County consists of Whidbey and Camano Islands. Both have bridges to the mainland, and two ferry routes serve Whidbey.  With no bridge or ferry connecting the two islands, travel between them requires a 90 minute drive through two other counties.

Island Region Transportation (pdf 1 mb)

Presenter: Brian Wood, Planner, Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization

Item 5: 9:35

City Transportation Issues, Challenges and Successes

Information and perspectives on transportation from the cities of Island County.

City of Oak Harbor (pdf 401 kb)
Town of Coupeville (pdf 289 kb)
City of Langley (pdf 291 kb)

Presenters: Robert Severns, Mayor, City of Oak Harbor
Molly Hughes, Mayor, Town of Coupeville
Tim Callison, Mayor, City of Langley

Break: 10:30

Item 6: 10:45

County Transportation Issues, Challenges and Successes

Information and perspectives on transportation from Island County.

Island County Focus (pdf 1 mb)

Presenter: Bill Oakes, Public Works Director, Island County

Item 7: 11:15

Public Transportation Issues, Challenges and Successes

Perspectives on transit and special needs transportation in Island County.

Island Transit Improving Mobility 2018 (pdf 771 kb)
Public Transportation Camano Center (pdf 141 kb)

Presenters: Shawn Harris, Operations Manager, Island Transit
Karla Jacks, Executive Director, Camano Center

Lunch: 12:00 pm

Item 8: 1:00

Washington State Ferries Long-Range Plan

Many visitors and freight reach Whidbey Island via the Washington State Ferries. Following public outreach, WSF is finishing its long-range plan, which will require significant investments in new vessels to maintain existing service and improve reliability.

WSF 2040 Long Range Plan (pdf 858 kb)

Presenter: Amy Scarton, Assistant Secretary, Washington State Ferries, Washington State Department of Transportation

Item 9: 1:55

Washington State Department Of Transportation Regional Projects and Perspectives

State transportation facilities and programs are essential to mobility, economic vitality and livability.

NW Region Transportation (pdf 2 mb)

Presenter: Jay Drye, Mt. Baker Area Region Administrator, Washington State Department of Transportation

Break: 2:15

Item 10: 2:30

Transportation Needs of the US Navy

Staff and materials travel between Naval Air Station Whidbey and other naval bases in Puget Sound, including Naval Station Everett and Naval Station Kitsap. Ferry and state highway access is critical to naval operations.

US Navy Transportation Needs (pdf 511 kb)

Presenter: Brian Tyhuis, Community Planner and Base Liaison Officer, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island

Item 11: 2:50

Economic Development and Transportation

Island County has grown rapidly in recent years. Its economy relies heavily on the navy, tourism, and small business. Developing new economic sectors requires reliable access and mobility.

Economic Development Council Island County (pdf 1 mb)

Presenter: Sharon Sappington, Executive Director, Economic Development Council

Item 12: 3:20

Tourism, Recreation and Transportation

Woods, water, and villages nurture tourism and recreation on Island County. Efficient, dependable, and safe transportation is important to its success.

Whidbey Camano Islands (pdf 2 mb)

Presenter: Sherrye Wyatt, Public Relations, Marketing Manager, Film Liaison, Island County Tourism

Item 13: 3:40

Healthy Communities and Transportation

Travel choices affect our health and well-being. Island County has unique opportunities and challenges as it strives to improve community health.

Island County Public Health (pdf 650 kb)

Presenter: Laura Luginbill, Assessment & Healthy Communities Director, Island County Public Health

Item 14: 4:00

Regional Connections Beyond Island County:  The North Sound Transportation Alliance

The North Sound Transportation Alliance (NSTA), formerly known as the Farmhouse Gang, strives to develop better ways for people to travel in Washington’s five northwestern-most counties: Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan and northern Snohomish.

2019 Priorities (pdf 3 mb)

Presenters: Melissa Fanucci, Principal Planner, Whatcom Council of Governments
Brian Wood, Planner, Island County RTPO

Item 15: 4:30

Public Comment

Item 16: 4:45

Reflections and Next Steps

Adjourn: 5:00

Next Meeting: December 11 & 12, 2018 – Olympia, Washington


(The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item during the Commission Meeting and may make adjustments to the order of the agenda items as well as the time of adjournment.)

All Transportation Commission and Committee meetings are open to the public.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information

Individuals requiring reasonable accommodations may request written materials in alternate formats, sign language interpreters, physical accessibility accommodations, or other reasonable accommodations by contacting the event sponsor (Commission Office at (360) 705-7070). Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may contact the event sponsor through the Washington Relay Service at 7-1-1.

Title VI Notice to Public

It is WSTC’s policy to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin or sex, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise discriminated against under any of its federally funded programs and activities. Any person who believes his/her Title VI protection has been violated, may file a complaint with WSDOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). For additional information regarding Title VI complaint procedures and/or information regarding our non-discrimination obligations, please contact OEO’s Title VI Coordinator 360-705-7082.