Washington State Transportation Commission – Regular Meeting Agenda – December 12-13, 2017

Transportation Building, Commission Board Room 1D2
310 Maple Park Avenue SE
Olympia, Washington

Please note: All listed times are estimates only and the Commission reserves the right to move agenda items as needed.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Item 1: 9:00 am

Chairman Welcome and Introductions

Item 2: 9:05

SR 99 Investment Grade Traffic and Revenue Analysis and Toll Rate Setting

The Commission will begin its review and analysis of traffic and revenue projections for the tunnel that will replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  The Commission will begin considering potential toll rates that will raise $200 million toward project construction costs over time.  Tolls will vary by time of day to manage congestion on the facility & Impacts on surface streets.

SR 99 Toll Rate Setting
WSTC Tolling Subcommittee SR 99

Presenters: Rob Fellows, Manager, Policy & Planning, WSDOT
Brent Baker, Vice President Director, Systems Finance, & Economics Advisory Service, WSP USA
Steve Abendschein, Senior Planner, Stantec
Carl See, Senior Financial Analyst, WSTC

Item 3: 11:05

Public Comment

Item 4: 11:15

WSDOT State Facilities Action Plan

WSDOT’s new office of Urban Mobility and Access has developed a state facilities action plan to help inform the update of the regional transportation plan and improve coordination of major projects in the central Puget Sound region with cities, counties, and other partners. 

WSDOT State Facilities Action Plan

Presenter: Robin Mayhew, Director, Management of Mobility, WSDOT

Lunch: 12:00 pm

Item 5: 1:00

I-405 Express Toll Lanes (ETLs) Two Year Update

The I-405 ETLs between Bellevue and Lynnwood have been in operation for 2 years.  WSDOT will report on the full 2-year performance of the I-405 ETLs, including results of a survey of public reaction and attitudes.  Officials from the two transit agencies that use the lanes will report on their travel times and ridership before and after ETL implementation.

I-405 Two-Year Update
I-405 Bus Rapid Transit
Community Transit Customer Journey

Presenters: Kim Henry, I-405 Program Administrator, WSDOT
Ed Barry, P.E., Director, Toll Division, WSDOT
Bruce Brown, PRR
Bernard Van de Kamp, HCT East Corridor Development Director, Planning Environmental and Project Development, Sound Transit
Don Billen, Executive Director-Planning Environmental and Project Development, Sound Transit
Jana Demas, Supervisor of Strategic Planning, King County Metro
Peter Heffernan, Intergovernmental Relations, King County Metro

Item 6: 2:45

Public Comment

Item 7: 3:00

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (TNB) Financial Plan Update

WSDOT will provide an update on the TNB financial plan, based on the latest Transportation Revenue Forecast.

TNB Financial Plan

Presenter: Rob Fellows, Manager, Policy & Planning, WSDOT

Item 8: 3:20

TNB Refinance Work Group Report

The Commission has led a work group of legislators and community leaders to assess options for the long-term toll payer relief for the TNB.  The Commission will review the policy recommendations the work group will submit to the 2018 Legislature.

TNB Refinance Work Group Draft Recommendations

Presenters: Bruce Beckett, TNB CAC Chair & Co-Chair of TNB Refinance Work Group
Carl See, Senior Financial Analyst, WSTC

Item 9: 4:00

Public Comment

Item 10: 4:10

Commission Business

  • Approval of October Meeting Summary-ACTION
  • Approval of Spokane Valley Meeting Summary-ACTION
  • 2017 Annual Report-ACTION
  • Commission Reports

Adjourn: 5:00


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Item 11: 9:00 am

Secretary’s Report

Presenter: Roger Millar, Secretary, WSDOT

Item 12: 9:20

Road Usage Charge Pilot Update

The Road Usage Charge Pilot Project will launch in early 2018.  This update will report on testing, recruitment, and next steps.

Washington State Road Usage Charge Pilot Project Update

Presenter: Jeff Doyle, Partner, D’Artagnan Consulting

Item 13: 9:50

State of Washington Autonomous Vehicle Work Group

In June, Governor Inslee Issued Executive Order 17-02 regarding testing  and operation of autonomous vehicles on public roads in Washington and, created a state agency work group to advance the Executive Order.  WSDOT will discuss the work it is doing to prepare for connected autonomous vehicles in the state.

WSDOT Efforts to Prepare for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Presenter: Ted Bailey, Engineering Manager, Major Electrical Systems and Operational Initiatives, WSDOT

Item 14: 10:30

Public Comment

Item 15: 10:45

Reflections and Next Steps

Adjourn: 11:00


(The Commission reserves the right to take action on any item during the Commission Meeting and may make adjustments to the order of the agenda items as well as the time of adjournment.)

All Transportation Commission and Committee meetings are open to the public.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information

Individuals requiring reasonable accommodations may request written materials in alternate formats, sign language interpreters, physical accessibility accommodations, or other reasonable accommodations by contacting the event sponsor (Commission Office at (360) 705-7070). Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may contact the event sponsor through the Washington Relay Service at 7-1-1.

Title VI Notice to Public

It is WSTC’s policy to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin or sex, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise discriminated against under any of its federally funded programs and activities. Any person who believes his/her Title VI protection has been violated, may file a complaint with WSDOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). For additional information regarding Title VI complaint procedures and/or information regarding our non-discrimination obligations, please contact OEO’s Title VI Coordinator 360-705-7082.

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