Meeting of Washington, Oregon and California Transportation Commissions – June 17, 2016

Oregon Department of Transportation, Region 1 Office

Conference Rooms A&B

123 NW Flanders

Portland Oregon

Resolution No. 729 (pdf 83 kb)
Memorializes the June 17, 2016 meeting of the Washington, Oregon, and California Transportation Commissions setting forth commitments to continue collaborations on identified areas.

Agenda (pdf 350 kb)


June 17, 2016 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Links to meeting presentations are below:

Item 1-2

Introduction audio

9:45 a.m. – Road Usage Charging

Item 3a

Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program (pdf 2 mb)
Maureen Bock, OReGO Program Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation

Item 3b

Washington RUC Assessment/Demonstration (pdf 865 kb)
Reema Griffith, Executive Director, Washington State Transportation Commission

Item 3c

California Road Charge Pilot Program Update (pdf 1 mb)
Norma Ortega, Chief Financial Officer, California Department of Transportation

11:30 a.m. – Advancements in Vehicle Technology and Alternative Fuels

Item 4a

Autonomous Vehicles in California (pdf 2 mb)
Bernard Soriano, Deputy Director, California Department of Motor Vehicles

Item 4b

Advancements in Vehicle Technology & Alternative Fuels – OEM Overview (pdf 3.2 mb) 
Curt Augustine, Director of Policy & Government Affairs, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Handouts only
Sahas Katta, Chief Executive Officer, Smartcar

1:15 p.m. – Interstate Trade and FAST Act Freight Investment Program

Item 5a

FAST Act and the Oregon Freight Plan (pdf 1 mb)
FAST Act Freight Provisions Handout (pdf 292 kb)
Jerri Bohard, Transportation Development Division Administrator, Oregon Department of Transportation

Item 5b

Freight Planning in California (pdf 800 kb)
Kome Ajise, Chief Deputy Director, California Department of Transportation

Item 5c

Washington State Freight Plan Update and 2016 Call for Projects (pdf 865 kb)

Ashley Probart, Executive Director, Washington State Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board and Amy Scarton, Assistant Secretary, Community and Economic Development, Washington State Department of Transportation

2:30 p.m. – Preparing Pacific Coast Transportation Infrastructure for Seismic Activity

Item 6a

California State Highway System Earthquake Planning and Response (pdf 2 mb)
Herby Lissade, Chief, Office of Emergency Management, California Department of Transportation

Item 6b

Seismic Readiness of Oregon’s Highways (pdf 782 kb)
Paul Mather, Highway Division Administrator, Oregon Department of Transportation

Item 6c

Washington Cascadia Planning (pdf 207 kb)
Robert Ezelle, Director of Emergency Management, Washington State

Item 7

Audio of open discussion